Repost: "Starting Up? Here's Where You Should Put Your Money First"

From Entreprenuer Magazine, written by Geoff Weiss

Aspiring business owners are often unsure where to invest their money. For marketing expertMelanie Spring of the Washington D.C.-based branding firm Sisarina, the answer is crystal clear: “Put it into your logo.” 

At the outset, scattering cash around in small doses can stunt growth, she says. However, investing in a professional logo creates instant impact and can stand the test of time. Hear more from Spring in this short video.


Launch of my tshirt line!

While launching my new business with my first t-shirt design, created with my newfound love of hand lettering, I decided to host a contest via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This was a split second decision I made one morning. I thought it would be a great opportunity for my potential customers to not only preview my new business venture, but to also participate in the design process. I created two versions of a t-shirt entitled “Girls with Curls Rock,” and asked people to vote for their favorite version of it in order to enter for a chance to win a free shirt of the winning design.

The contest was a great way for me to introduce my shirts to the world, even though I was a bit nervous. Showing people my work makes me feel almost as vulnerable as being naked in public. Although hand lettering is something I just started practicing not too long ago, I’m deeply fond of it and feel that it is the path I should be taking right now as a designer. I’m glad I made the decision to showcase my work because I tend to try and keep my talents to myself out of fear of rejection. Hosting a contest was the perfect way to get over myself and pursue my dream of creating something meaningful.

The design is meant to be fun and stylish, but mostly uplifting. There is an amazing community of women out there who've decided to embrace their true selves despite what society says by accepting something as trivial as their natural hair. I too have come to accept myself and want to encourage women of all ages to love and be proud of whom they are. I’m really proud of and excited about this project. I have a few more designs I plan on unveiling through contests again very soon, so look out for it!